Graduate School Weekly Update 8.28.2019

December 2019 Graduation: The deadline to apply for graduation is September 3.  All students must have signed and approved programs of study to be eligible for graduation. If you haven’t submitted your final program yet, please talk with your advisor. 
Fulbright Award:  To apply for a 9-month Fulbright award for next academic year (2019-20) check out the Fulbright Application.  The program offers exciting opportunities for graduating seniors and graduate students to live and study, research, or teach in a multitude of countries, providing grants for individually designed study and/or research projects, or for English Teaching Assistants.  ISU-enrolled students need to contact The Fulbright Program Advisor Alan Johnson at 208-282-2198 and, or in the office (Liberal Arts building, #212).
With the campus deadline of September 18 for application proposal drafts, guidance is offered to students as they prepare and finalize the application (along with a friendly campus interview) ahead of the national deadline of October 8.

Interested in working on campus? Career Path Internships (CPI) are available for full time graduate students.

2019 M.F.A. Graduate Art Exhibit:   The exhibition will be on display weekdays from Wednesday August 28 through Friday Sept. 6 from 12:00 pm  to 6:00 pm at The  Fine Arts Building, Room John B. Davis Gallery.  Artwork by Bill Bybee, Nikyra Capson, Rachelle Cooper, Iris Lindemood, Steven Oberg, Kyler Michaelson, and Joe Pehrson. More Information

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